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Compilation Series 

To be part of this great series with other Producers, Artists, and Singers alike, we're looking for original music across all sub genre of Electronic/Electronic Dance Music. The Open Door Compilation series will have periodically releases that will go along with Producer, Artist, and signers under Mike Bennett Production.


  • Submissions must be originals

  • Music/Song must be finished and professionally mastered. Absolutely no demos.

  • You must own full legal rights or have the consenting legal rights to work submitted. (Be prepare as we may ask you to prove this)

With your submission request Include the following:

  • Artist Name:

  • Legal Name:

  • Song Title:

  • Genre (House, Big Room, Trance, Psy Trance, Drum n Bass, etc..) you feel your music best fits?

  • Link to full length of the song(s)


Send the information above to 

If your submission is selected, we will contact you and provide you details of the next steps.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Will my submission guarantee placement?

A: As we've been receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiry we can't guarantee on the placement on which volume the song will be included in. Most importantly the song has to first to make the cut by our evaluation team. We will let you know whether or not it does. We will send you a confirmation email once we get your submission. Unfortunately sending inquiries repeatedly to ask if we got your song or if we will select you song will not get a response.  When your song is chosen you will be contacted by our team to take care of all that legal stuff. Just to let you know if your song doesn't make the cut its not a bad thing. It might have not fit into the compilation we are working on. 

Q: Do I maintain publishing rights to my music?

A: Yes you maintain all publishing rights to your music with this submission.

Q: Do I get paid for the sales, distribution of my music in this series?

A: Yes you are paid through "The Orchard" all sales, streaming transactions are managed Akeru, Mike Bennett Productions, and XStream Records do handle any of the monetary compensation directly from the sales/streaming transaction. 

Q: Do I have to belong to one of the Performing Rights Organizations?

A: Two part answer. Yes in order for "The Orchard" to properly to make payments to you would need to sign up to one of the Performance Rights Orgs. If you are not registered through one of those, arrangements with you to setup a payment structure directly to you. 

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