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The Open Door v60.0 Set List

First Aired: 8/08/23

Duration: 1 Hr 21 Min

Genre:  Tech House

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Gordon Truerock - Entitled (Original Mix)

Denace 2 Society, Whoizz - Espada (Extended Mix)

KOTZ - The Future (Original Mix)

Omar Labastida, Matt Shelder- Everybody Bounce (Extended Mix)

Emanuele Modigliani, Jame Starck, Simon Goat - Te Gustaria feat. Simon Goat Original Mix)

Scruby, Aron Chiarella, Tourneo - Energy (Extended Mix)

Ross Bohlen, Dan Lambourne - Touch My Soul (Luca Beni Extended Remix)

Mathias D., Djorda Luigia - The Future (Original Mix)

Bass on the Flow - I Get Deep (Original Mix)

Infamous Heads - Get Up (Original Mix)

Mountage - For Whom the Chords Tolls (Original Mix)

Rio Dela Duna, Jeremy Bass - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

GreenThump - F*ck Everybody (Original Mix)

Gabriele Intrivici - Put Your Phone (Original Mix)

The Open Door v59.0 Set List

First Aired: 7/04/23

Duration: 1 Hr 24 Min

Genre:  Progressive House

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Eugene Becker & Redet - All Night (Extended Mix)

Ramz Demar - Multicolor Reflections (Original Mix)

Tonski - My Everything (Extended Mix)

28Mm & Julian Gray - Take Me Back (Extended Mix)

Boxer - Extra Terrestrial (Extended Mix)

Lipless - Illusions (Extended Mix)

Discover, Sanich & DJ Vartan - Just Be Good to Me (Extended Mix)

Nik  Alevizos - Drive (Extended Mix)
Alex Breitling - Honestly (Extended Mix)

Djimboh - Sivonium (Extended Mix)

Esteban J Arcila - I Wanna Go (Extended Mix)
Sound Quelle & 88Birds - Wonderland (Boxer Extended Remix)

L Gu & Lar & Ben Cina - Rivers (Extended Mix)

Matt Fax - High & Dry (Extended Mix)

Morgin Madison & Ryan Lucian - Stimulate (Extended Mix)

Sound Quelle ft Daniel Robinson - Tempest (Falden Extended Remix)

The Open Door v58.0 Set List

First Aired: 6/10/23

Duration: 1 Hr 6 Min

Genre:  Tech House

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Blacklight - Hypnotized With The Night (Original Mix)

Ruggiero - Motley Uniform (Ruggiero Remix)

Awesome 3 & Lizzie Curious vs Hoxton - Don’t Go (Cesar Castilla Jump Off 2023 Re-Edit)

Quarterhead - Everyday (Clean Extended)

Rema & Selena Gomez vs Chris Lake - Calm Down (R-You Bootleg)

Tony Shell - Just A Memory (Extended Mix)

Inna - Hot (Dendy Vip Edit)

Timbaland - Give It To Me (Interface Remix)

Logan Garrett X Subrinse ft Gorilla Zoe - Kelly Rollin (Remix Dirty)

Darude - Sandstorm (Thomas Anthony Remix)

LLP x Bingo Players x Marky Mark - Good Devotion (LLP Remix)

Rastahouse, Marcos Gonzalez - All In The Jump (Original Mix)

Stand x Deliver - Feet & Dance (Original Mix)

Whitetronicz - Victim of Soundz (Original Mix)

Benn Benassi - Satisfaction (Thomas Anthony Remix)

Rhianna vs. James Hype - We Found Love  (Cesar Castilla Miami Sunset Edit)

The Open Door v57.0 Set List

First Aired: 5/24/23

Duration: 1 Hr 9 Min

Genre:  Melodic Techno, Melodic House

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Elson (IT) - Arrogant Peace (Original Mix)
Beauty Search - Energy of Love (Extended Mix)
Carol Kenzo - Evolution (Toney D Paradise Mix)
Sam Shure  - Connate Voices (Original Mix)
Shall Ocin - Colapso (Original Mix)
Nora En Pure - Prophets of Hope (Extended Mix)
Hotway, Saint War, LAMAS (BR) - Human feat. Saint War (Club Mix)
Hidalgo - Outtaspace (Extended Mix)
MALIKA (AU) - Forbidden Fruit (Original Mix)
Edward Gal - Sound of Space (Dub Abstract Remix)
Markus Schulz, Diandra Faye - Eternally feat. Diandra Faye (Extended Mix)
Axelax - Light of Infinity (Original Mix)

The Open Door v56.0 Set List

First Aired: 4/23/23

Duration: 1 Hr 3 Min

Genre:  Deep House, Deep Tech House

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MATT87 - The Purest Rose (Extended Mix)
VetLove, Mike Drozdov - Light Dancing (The Bestseller Remix)
OMAO - Waisting Time (Extended Mix)
Happy Deny - Come Back (Extended Mix)
Random Kid - Like  A Drug (Original Mix)
Dura, Oziriz - Deeper Place (Deep Mix)
Adrian & Baf - Problem (Extended Mix)
FunkU - Something Blue (Extended Edit)
Noah Bell, Skye Jordan - Dream of Me (Original Mix)
ACR - The feeling you’re giving me (Original Mix)
Dallas - You Want It (Extended Mix)
GLF - Dunes (Original Mix)
Jamie Linton -Give It All (Extended Mix)
Kodyn & Marton Hangacsi - Emptiness (Extended Mix)
Maikko - Something Good (Extended Mix)
Mathieu Koss vs One Republic - Wicked Games Apologize (B Fix Mashup)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 139 Set List

First Aired: 3/22/23

Duration: 58 Min

Genre:  Tech House

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Miss Autumn Leaves - All this Time
Labi Ramaj, Stikmatik - Too Addictive (Original Mix)
Malle, Remi Blaze - Yo Soy (Original Mix)
H2so4 - Outsiders (Bassbears Extended Mix)
Avicii vs Lenny Kravitz - Superlove (Dendy Rework)
Connor Hoey - Tech Control (Original Mix)
Erwin Rasel ft Galantis - Hunter (Original Mix)
Hoss, Reddibo - Mind Control (Original Mix)
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love (Tony Metric Edit)
Kylie Minogue - Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Tony Metric Solid Raw Mix)
Lauren Mayhew, Fr3sh Trx, One - Lets Talk About You (Extended Mix)
Makone - Like A Freak (Extended Mix)
Zach Bickel - Jungle Rave (Original Mix)
Jason Derulo - Take You Dancing Devv Remix (Intro Clean)

The Open Door v55.0 Set List

First Aired: 2/28/23

Duration: 1 Hr 12 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance

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Stanv - Morning Dusk (Extended Mix)

Joop, Neenoo - Alone (Extended Mix)

Max SunRise - Always Around (Original Mix)

Inrayzex - Summer Times (Extended Mix)

Awakend & April Bender - Find My Way (Hausman Extended Remix)

Orjan Nilsen, Emma Hewitt - Warrior (Extended Mix)

Dark Matter - It’s Not What You Think (Original Mx)

Neil Richter, Scot & Millfield - Hold On (Fredd Mozzarellas Dub)

Roman Sand - Illusion (Original Mix)

Kaimo K, Mariske Hekkenberg - Castles In the Sky (Extended Mix)

Color Theory - What You Said (Matt Mancid Remix)

Joe Davies - Blissful Awareness (Extended Mix)

Xedm, Fr3sh Trx - Taipeh (Thias Remix)

Magnetti - Scent of Freedom (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 138 Set List

First Aired: 12/21/22

Duration: 58 Min

Genre:  House, Progressive House

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Farshade - United (Original Mix)

Jackie Jeff - Prometheus (Original Mix)

Shahin Shantiaei & Anlil - Higher Than Love (Extended Mix)

Future Plan - Change (Original Mix)

Ghostzwe & Taarof Adder ft Ll Pearls - In the Dark (Original Mix)

Shane 54 & London Thor - Kindgom (Bound To Divide Extended Remix)

Matt Fax - Energy (Extended Mix)

Riko & Gugga - Set My Body Free (Extended Mix)

Sergey Paradox, Reoralin Division - Molomo (Original Mix)

Nik Alevizos - The Silence (Extended Mix)

Clyfftone & Alexion - Wherever You Are (Extended Mix)

Vinny Venom - Christmas Time (Extended Mix)

The Open Door v54.0 Set List

First Aired: 12/17/22

Duration: 2 Hr 22 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance

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Sander Wilder - Edge of Tomorrow (Extended Mix)

Citizen Kain - Bareknuckler (Stereo Express Remix)

Creek, Briana, RIKO & GUGGA - Clocks and Coasts feat. Briana (Extended Mix)

Atlantis, Gutenn, LITCHI - Elastic (Vincenzo Sarti Remix)

Dr Alex - Galaxia (Original Mix)

Kudus - Signal (Extended Mix)

Leon Blaq - Start A War (Vocal Mix)

Soul Engineers - Nomad Dreams (Extended Mix)

John Grand & Dave Raval - Midnight Sun (Extended Mix)

Mr. Navigator - Heart Of The Night (Original Mix)

Samantha Liza - Sin (Original Mix)

Zeno (ofc) - Declare (Original Mix)

Tritonal - Adelphi 88 (Leonard A Extended Remix)

Joren Heelsing - Weenhallo (Original Mix)

F4T4L3RROR -  Antimatter (Extended Mix

InfeXus - Illusion (Extended Mix)

Michael Milov - Silence (Extended Mix)

Luttrell - More Than Human (Antic Extended Mix)

Mark Moncrieff -Salvation (Extended Mix)

Kojun - Nothing Else Wrong (Extended Mix)

Christos Fourkis - Mea Culpa (Original Mix)

Mr. Rewind - Right Back (Original Mix) 

Joachim Pastor - Green Washer (Extended Mix)

Minicied - Reunite (Extended Mix)

Max Smith - Lost In Eivissa (Extended Mix)

Nick Jay & Jean Luc - Silence (Vip Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 137 Set List

First Aired: 11/23/22

Duration: 1 Hr 6 Min

Genre:  Tech House, House

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Remi Blaze, T3kas - Shake It (Original Mix)

Bingo Players & Dirty Ducks, X Dot N Life DJ Donuts - Supersized X In My Phone DJ Donuts Mashup

Ciara, Missy Elliot, Ron Van Cruz ft Missy Elliot - 1 2 Step (Ron Van Cruz Remix)

Techno Mama - Depth of Dance (21 Room Remix)

Lowes - Death Metal (Bryan Cantillo Remix)

Donald WIlborn - Eivissa (Original Mix)

Ash Summers - Spudbud (Original Mix)

Nodek - Spica (Original Mix)

Dorade & Krazo - Floorshaker (Extended Mix)

Ed 1T ft Galli J - Stairway to Heaven (Extended)

Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Primoti 2K22 Bootleg Mix)

Proa Deejay - On Fire (Original Mix)

Ron Reeser - Fallen (Extended Mix)

RVBTheHague - Move and Groove (Original Mix)

Takis - Girls (Unreleased)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 136 Set List

First Aired: 10/12/22

Duration: 1 Hr

Genre:  Future House, Big Room, Electro House, Main Stage

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Deepierro, Chris Burke, Farukki - Going Down (Future Rave Extended Mix)

Aviella - SOLO (Clean Extended)

David Guetta ft. Bebe Rexha - Im Good (Vic Messie & DJ Vc Big Room Bootleg - Dirty)

Gala X Blinders - Freed From Pressure (Hayat Mashup)

Bee Gees X Hardwell - You Should Be Dancing (Joyfire I Feel Like Dancing Edit)

Kanye West - Stronger (Cody Dunstall & SPRINKK Remix -Dirty Extended)

AMARI - It Ends With You (Clean Extended)

Vasovski Live - Time After Time (Club Mix)

Navos & Galants ft You - What it Feels Like (Owen Norton Remix -Clean Extended)

Kate Bush - Running Up that Hill (Kream Remix - Clean Extended)

Lana Del Rey vs Justyn M - Summertime Sadness (Cesar Castilla EDC Edit-Clean)

Niles van Zandt & Backflash ft. Basti Woods - Gone (Take On Me-Clean Extended)

Dualipa - New Rules (Remix Mix)

The Same Persons - You Got Me (Extended Mix)

Orz3u & Maggie - Stay (Extended Mix)

Jayden Wolf & Te Pai & Kosimo - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Extended Mix)

Nick Lorsan & Marbrax - Take Me Away (Sebastien Nox Remix)

Dan Dan - In My Mind Infinity (Remix)

The Open Door v53.0 Set List

First Aired: 10/09/22

Duration: 1 Hr 27 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance

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The EM23 - Essence (Extended Mix)

Born 87 - Blame (Extended Mix)

Chris Schambacher - Alive (Extended Mix)

Tephra & Gid Sedgwick - White Light (Extended Mix)

York - Cry My Name (Rodrigo Deem Extended Remix)

Haks - Sky Blue (Original Mix)

Miss Rodriguez - Stay (Extended Mix)

Kudus & Mirjam Tumaini - Never Be Alone (Extended Mix)

Ruddaz, Ana Renae - My Surrender (Extended Mix)

Far Out & Nikhil Prakash & Cece Mix - Stay With Me (Extended Mix)

Tritonal & Eric Lumiere - Something Beautiful (Super8 & Tab Extended Remix)

Julia Eliza - Don’t Run (Original Mix)

The Blizzard & Axis - Still Here (Extended Mix)

GXD - The Box (Extended Mix)

Glynn Alan - Block (Extended Mix)

Ben Nicky, Emma Hewitt - Collide (Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 135 Set List

First Aired: 09/07/22

Duration: 57 Min

Genre:  Melodic House, Melodic Techno

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Citizen Kain - Kiss Me Again (The Element Remix)

Eran Hersh, Asher Swissa, Sandhaus - My Silence (Extended Mix)

Gleb Bykox - U Vishnevomu Sadu (Original Mix)

Rampa, WhoMadeWho - Tell Me Are We (Original Mix)

&Toni - Salute (Extended Mix)

F4T4L3RR0R - Light Years (Danilo Ercole Remix)

Jordan Arts, Minoz (NL) - Arctic Lake (Monarke Remix)

Marco De Nor - Blow Up the Speakers (Octavio Gimenez Remix)

Martin Mayer, John Mix- Spectrum of Love (Original Mix)

Emma Hewitt, Miss Monique - Into My Arms (Extended Mix)

The Open Door v52.0 Set List

First Aired: 08/19/22

Duration: 1 Hr 34 Min

Genre:  Progressive House

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Emiliano Ferrareso - Jivas (Monuloku Remix)
Mindo - Carme (Dmitry Molosh Extended Remix)
High On Mars - Creation (Extended Mix)
Marcan Liav - Short Life (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
Emma Hewitt, Miss Monique - Into My Arms (Extended Mix)
Nasser Tawfik, Sione (SP) - Metamorphosis (Franco Giacusa Remix)
Jalen Jackson - Drowning (Without You - Original Mix)
Burlington - What If (Felves & Lubronkz Extended Mix)
Mr Mind - Away (Original Mix)
Tritonal, Eric Lumiere - Something Beautiful (Sound Quelle & Noequalgods Extended Mix)
Kleiber - Don’t Stop This Way (Laika & Strelja Remix)
Cashm Pilot - Space Problem (Original Mix)
Jeremy Olander - Murphy (Original Mix)
Du Blond - Nebula (Josh Kaelen Remix)
Ryan Decker - Hiding in the Dark (Extended Mix)
Meirlin, Mnexsis - Mirai (Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 134 Set List

First Aired: 06/08/22

Duration: 1 Hr 6 Min

Genre:  Melodic House, Melodic Techno

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Lost Desert, Simon Vuarambon - Bloesem (Original Mix)

Sandokan - Rough Faith (Original Mix)

NAASA - Be Survivor  (Dub Mix)

Sergey Kolchak - Ubbionia (Original Mix)

Nariz (IL), Hard to Tell - Desert Rose (Original Mix)

Afternoon Tea - In the Night (Mike Ivy, Craig Leo Remix)

Sebastian Ariola - Burn (Nico Banfi Remix)

Giulio Maresca, Martux_m - Always Hopen (Original Mix)

ISAAG - Antaratma ft. Turuleko (Original Mix)

Deep Parliament - F.E.E. (Dub)

Arcadia, Luke Coulson - I feel Ft. Luke Coulson (Ten Walls Remix)

GRKS3N - Heart (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 133 Set List

First Aired: 05/25/22

Duration: 1 Hr

Genre:  Future House

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Miami Shakers - Rock This (Original Mix)

Vinny Venom - Twist the Bottle (GL Extended Mix)

Huge Carter & Bass Project & Kaer - Rain Over Me (Extended Mix)

Chris Voss - Without Love (Extended Mix)

Amfree, Hoxtones - Love You Down feat. Sola (Art Alive Remix)

Imrik & Missmia - Smack That (Extended Mix)

John Castel & Xan Castel & Matt Max - Stolen Dance (Extended Mix)

Dynamick X Zharka - Gone (Extended Mix)

Future 3000, Veg - Viva Las Vegas (Club Bounce Edit)

Mark Vox, GLN, Robbie Morello - What You Do to Me (Original Mix)

T3rminal - Way to Home (Original Mix)

Paul Keen, Blue Man & St3ve O Ft. Lella - Love Me Again (Extended Mix)

Mike Tunes - Be With You (Extended Mix)

Sterbinszky ft. David Schwartz - To the Moon & Back (Extended Mix)

Paul Str - Fake Pony (Extended Mix)

Pete Flame & Flymyk - Right In the Night (Extended Mix)

Loving Arms - The Game is Over (Extended Mix)

Gulic - Gulic Alright (Extended Mix)

Bass Bastards - End of Time (Extended Mx)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 132 Set List

First Aired: 05/11/22

Duration: 1 Hr 7 Min

Genre:  Melodic Techno, Melodic House

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Acidfrog - Oh Shit!

Carles - Velvet (Carlos Pires Remix)

Tim Engelhardt - Firestorm (Original Mix)

Kor - Around Me (Original Mix)

Flagman Djs - Galant (Melodic Dub Mix)

PRSTYL - Pneuma (Original Mix)

Johanson, Yannek Maunz - The Fall (Fur Coat Remix)

BeautySearch - Energy of Love (Extended Dub Mix)

Third Person - Two of Us (Jaden Raxel Remix)

Sakin Bozkurt, Sven Laakenstyk - Northside (Club Mix)

Nohak - Nano (Original Mix)

Sergey Brin - Maniac (Monocoder Remix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 131 Set List

First Aired: 04/27/22

Duration: 1 Hr 

Genre:  Deep House, House

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Rianu Keevs - Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

Shallop - Move On (Automatic Panic Remix)

Ay Mill & Blue Man - Nightfall (Extended Mix)

Blue Feeling - Agoraphobia (Original Mix)

Dirse - Alone (Extended Mix)

Eman & Kodyn - Drive Through The Dark (Extended Mix)

Fr3sh Trx - Still Dream About U (Extended Mix)

Kodyn & Peter John Kiss - Love Will Die (Extended Mix)

So Kobayashi - Approximation (Original Mix)

Seka Protectors - Late Instructions (Original Mx)

Loving Arms - Shelter (Extended Mix)

Niverso - On My Mind (Extended Mix)

Paul Woolford, Diplo, Kareen Lomax - Looking For Me (Chris Burke Bootleg)

Tessa Maynard & Onur Altuntas - Deep Dope Love (Extended Mix)

The Open Door v51.0 - Set List

First Aired: 04/22/22

Duration: 1 Hr 19 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance

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Nima Van Ghavim & Leonard A - Andromeda (Extended Mix)

Zack Evans - Kasia (Extended Mix)

Tritonal & Haliene - Losing My Mind (Paul Van Dyk Extended Remix)

Lianari - Prague (Extended Mix)

Gaia - X - Nubeculae Magellani (Extended Mix)

Delerium ft Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Chris Burke Remix)

Paul van Dyk - Forbidden Fruit (Forbidden Future Mix)

Henry Caster - Echoes From My Heart (Extended Mix)

Acues - Exodus (R3dub Remix)

Oskah - No One to Blame (Extended Mix)

Rebecca Louise Burch, HP Energetic - To See You Again (Original Mix)
Daniel Kandi - Chasing Dreams (Extended Mix)

Lian Bluestone, Ellen Smith - Stranger to your Love ft. Ellen Smith (Stoneblue Extended Mix)

Coke Montilla - Eternity (Extended Mix)

Dan Schneider, Sieber & Stavnstrup, Angel - Stargazer (Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 130 Set List

First Aired: 03/16/22

Duration: 1 Hr 

Genre:  Big Room, Electro House, Mainstage

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Dan Dan Cambodia - Around My Head (Original Mix)
Hot Toast - Mainstage (Original Mix)
Vinny Venom - M-Code
Morten Christian - Time to Waste (Extended Mix)
Steve Angello - Nothing Scares Me Anymore ft. Sam Martin (Corey James & David Pietras Remix Extended)
Cream & Deugene - Way You Make Me Feel (Extended Mix)
EDBB7 - Temple (Original Mix)
Don Toliver ft. Vic Messie & DJ VC - Lemonade Festival Banger (Clean)
Zongholi - Drop the Bass (Extended Mix)
Alex Lauter - Genesis (Original Mix)
Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Lucio Extended Remix Dirty 2)
Dua Lipa - Don’t Start Now (DJ Roller Remix)
Renard X BTS - Hive Mind (Scalie Bloke Bootleg)
Martin Garrix - Animals (Dj Schluetex Remix 2022)
Test - The Business (Clubboholic Extended Bouncy Edit)
Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (Clubboholic Summer Vibes Extended Edit)

The Open Door v50.0 - Set List

First Aired: 03/14/22

Duration: 1 Hr 11 Min

Genre:  Progressive House, Melodic House, House

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Jay Hayton - Hold Me (Extended Mix)
Donald Wilborn - Greenland (Extended Mix)
Mesa & Boss - Midnight (Extended Mix)
Bandes - Floating (Extended Mix)
Morrison Sound View - Nation Call (Original Mix)
Kahian - Freedom of Light (Extended Mix)
Tritonal & Haliene - Losing My Mind (Djimboh Extended mix)
GLF - Down (Original Mix)
Matt Fax & Jack Dawson - Close My Eyes (Extended Mix)
Sleepless Skies - Save Me (Extended Mix)
Awakend & Sammy Plotkin - Break Through (Nomra Extended Remix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 129 Set List

First Aired: 02/16/22

Duration: 1 Hr 5 Minutes

Genre:  Melodic House, Melodic Techno

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Distorted Memories - In My Mind (Original Mix)

S.A.T., Khassano - Play This Tune (Original Mix)

SNYL, Rachel Raw - In Control (Kinky Sound Remix)

Twentin Quarantino - Bubbles (Original Mix)

Daniel Vilchez - Nitrogen (Original Mix)

Cid Mentz - Faded (Original Mix)

Gibson - Night Watch (Original Mix)

Fashion Police - Loom (Original Mix)

InDoubt - Novelty (Original Mix)

Mowree - Deep Pleasure (Original Mix)

Igor Pumphonia - Place Destination (Original Mix)

Matt Oliver - Spirit (Original Mix)

The Open Door v49.0 - Beyond Wonderland Entry Full Mix Set List

First Aired: 02/04/22

Duration: 1 Hr 2 Min

Genre:  Progressive House, House

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Heard Right & Jope- Runner (Extended Mix)

ABDN & Ledrips - Alex Evasion (Extended Mix)

Awakend & Monika Santucci - Lost When You’re Away (Jay Hayton Extended Remix)

DM NQ - Hey U (Original Mix)

Floa & Furcloud - The Illusion Of Impression (Extended Mix)

Bajjo- Lactea Via (GLF Remix) 

Mark Digital - Summer (Original Mix)

York & Au - Golden Hour (Avira Remix)

Trilucid - One Day At a Time (Extended Mix)

Wally Lopez ft. Morgan Page - Longest Road to La Dorada (Jay D Edit)

Katoff - Disturbing Thoughts (Artis Gato Remix)

Mark Digital - Electric Sunrise (Original Mix)

In the Dark - Fr3sh Trx (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 128 Set List

First Aired: 02/02/22

Duration: 59 Minutes

Genre:  Electro House, Big Room, EDM

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Ingo Bergsem X Smil3y - Overdose (Original Mix)

Boney M vs Nitti Gritti - Cool Daddy (Hayat Mashup)

Sitar - In Beyahad (Atias Mashup)

P And C Aromonia - Party Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

Tiesto & Mabel - God is A Dancer (Ayminho Bootleg)

Lomo - On It (Original Mix)

Chris Burke - Awaken Now (Original Mix)

Sharyn Maceren - Outside (Joey Mazzoa & Masiivo Remix)

Beyonce - Naughty Girl (DJ Fokiss Private Club Mix)

James Hype & Benny Benassi - Afraid Satisfaction (Chris Burke Mashup)

Armin Van Buuren vs Subshock & Evangelos - Blah Blah Blah vs. Kawasaki (Hijax Mashup)

DJ Myst3ry - Wild Mind (Original Mix)

Pitbull & NeYo - Give Me Everything (Messie Remix)

Gayle - Ring the ABCDEFU Alarm (Vic Messie and VC Remix)

Ray Issac - Fired Up (Thiago Antony Remix)

Ibrahin Cuevas - I Can Take You There (Extended Mix)

Dillion Francis - Real Love (Valentino Khan Remix) Clean Extended

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 127 Set List

First Aired: 01/05/22

Duration: 1 Hr 1 Min

Genre:  Tech House, House

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Aaron Noise - Destroying Things (Extended Mix)

BOOST - Grove Teacher (Extended Mix)

Don Omar - RKT (Victor X Cornejo Edit)

Super Flu - Poppycock (Dapayk RMX)

Drop The Cheese - La Cola (Extended Mix)

Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (DJ Joe Simpson Tech House Remix)

Franknomore & John Patinella - Beatseat (Original Mix)

Heat Ledger - Mediation (Orginal Mix)

Jon Lockley - Just Freak It (Original Mix)

Jorge Lefenda - Stomping Ground (Original Mix)

Peace Maker X Hrolex - Stay (Extended Mix)

Remi Blaze - Move (Original Mix) 

Shouse - Love Tonight (DJ Kepa Piece of Dreams Mashup)

Swartchback - Oldies (Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 126 Set List

First Aired: 12/22/21

Duration: 1 Hr

Genre:  Trance, Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance

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Farius & Sue Mclaren - Love is Love (Airo Extended Remix)

Llan Bluestone - Taking You There (Extended Mix)

LKX - Colors (Extended Mix)

Ilan Bluestone, Giuseppe de Luca - Love is a Drug ft Giuseppe de Luca (Extended Mix)

Filth & Pleasure - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Emma Hewitt - Crucify (Cold Rush Remix)

Feel, Alexandra Badoi, Andrew Mirt - Our Love (Extended Mix)

MR90 - Aftermath (Extended Mix)

Sunlounger, Roger Shah, Susie Ledge - Sail Away (Roger Shah & Yelow Extended Remix)

Audrey Gallagher, Paul Denton - Beneath The Stars (Sneijder Extended Remix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 125 Set List

First Aired: 12/08/21

Duration: 58 Minutes

Genre:  Deep House

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Shalon- Let It Fly (Aaron Demac Deepside Take Mix)

Hyper Confidence - Covet (Original Mix)

Amouyal - Lockdown (Extended Mix)

GLF - Trouble (Original Mix)

Basan & Fred Leone - Age of Elightenment (Original Mix)

Depdramez & Davis Mallory - Drive (DJ Marlon Extended Mix)

Newik & Rackwheel -Piece of You (Extended Mix)

Michael Barone X Wily W - Feel Me (Original Mix)

B Infinite & Fr3sh Trx - Alien Queen (Extended Mix)

Casey Austin - Take You There (Original Mx)

Dave Matthias - Told Me (Original Mix)

Nik Alevizos - Move (Club Edit)

Bruno Motta & Rickysee - I Want More (Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 124 Set List

First Aired: 11/17/21

Duration: 1 HR 

Genre:  Future House, EDM, Trance

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Arklo - Deep End (Original Mix)

Cicchino & Francesco Dellelce - You’re Not Alone (Extended Mix)

Taylor Torrence - Sapphire (Extended Mix)

Love Kr3w X Ingo Bergsen - Fly With You (Extended Mix)

Bruce Cullen, Paula Alcasid - Upside Down (Extended Mix)

Magley - Siren (Extended Mix)

Paul Acrane & Scolario - Euphoria (Extended Mix)

Swedish House Mafia & The Weekend - Moth to A Flame (Tennebreck Remix-Extended)

Sketch, Alessia, DJ Angelo (PL) - Wild Love (Extended Mix)

Loving Arms - Everytime We Touch (Extended Mix)

Trilane, Yaro, Sarah De Warren - Way Out ft. Sarah De Warren (Extended Mix)

Elton John & Dua Lipa- Cold Heart (Scalie Blokes Extended Club Remix)

Stadiumx, Lena Leon, Sebastian Wibe - Illusions (VIP Mix)

Adele - Easy On Me (Vinny Venom Bootleg-Extended)

Ed Sheehan vs Henri PFR & Famba - Bad Habits vs No One Knows (Hijax Mashup)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 123 Set List

First Aired: 11/03/21

Duration: 1 HR 2 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance

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Conjure One, Jaren - Animals (Jaytech Extended Remix)

CubeTonic, Makizante - Feel Me Now (Extended Mix)

Titus 1, Euphoric 72 & Kintsuku - Who You Are (Extended Mix)

Rodrigo Deem - Elyerom (Extended Mix)

Colonia One, Isa Bell - Always On My Mind (The Madison Remix)

Benjani - Belvedere (Extended Mix)

Julian Gray, 28 MM & Forts - Air (Adrian Alexander Extended Remix)

Tritonal ft Meredith Call - Broken Down (John Grand Extended Remix)

Ray Van Miles - Phyiscal Material (Extended Mix)

Graysaic - Strange Beauty (Extended Mix)

Temujin - Nightsky (Extended Mix)

The Open Door v48.0 Set List

First Aired: 10/28/21

Duration: 1 Hr 8 Min

Genre:  Deep House, Melodic House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Electric Dada - Waiting For You Remixes (Oliver Boll Remix)

Alfred Beck X Tadeo Fernandez X Riallo ft Alexia Langis - Time (Extended Mix)

Drop The Cheese - Eyes Low (Extended Mix)

Low Disco X Lari Hi X Merita ft Siara Killer - Space Fantasy (Extended Mix)

Evan De Novellis - Research of Humanity (Olffmann Remix)

Ron Carroll, Steve Edwards, R.O.N..N., Michael Murica, Damon Grey - When Love Gets in the Way (Michael Murica & Mowhgli Deepdub Remix)

Fr3sh Trx & B Infinite - Universe (Extended Mix)

Chris Burke - Don’t Worry About Me (Extended Mix)

Alan Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Hart - Warning Signs (Extended Mix)

CRAY C - All I Need (Original Mix

Guilherme Poucos & Drerrera - Butterflies (Extended Mix)

Mardom & AndyPunto - Vuelvo A Ser Yo (Andy Punto Remix)

S.A.T. - Awakening (EMIOL Remix)

Mahalo - Nothing Matters (Lipless Extended Remix)

Fedor Borosan - Activation (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 122 Set List

First Aired: 10/20/21

Duration: 58 Min

Genre:  Future House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Da Vinci ft True - Secrets (Extended Mix)
Fetish - Here For Ya (Original Mix)
Oliver Heldems. Sander Vam Doorn - This (Original Mix)
MRIK - Everytime (Extended Mix)
Martin Sao Pedro - Want to Know (Extended Mix)
Mark Sixma, Morgan Page - Our Song (Steff da Campo Extended Mix)
Airos & Lucoa - About You (Extended Mix)
David Guetta X Morten ft. Aloe Blacc - Never Be Alone (Nda Remix)
Laze Haze - Round & Round (Extended Mix)
Landrr (Label)- SLiip (Original Mix)
Marlena Shaw, Tchami - Faith (Extended Mix)
Lulleaux - Sweet Little Lies (Extended Version)
Jack Black One - Sunglasses at Night (Club Edit)
White x Wakeup, FVME - Dead of Night (Extended)
RDGO & Ashley Pater - Drunk On Your Love (Extended Mix)
Ego - On the Run (Original Mix)
NDA - Take Me So Far (Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 121 Set List

First Aired: 10/06/21

Duration: 1 Hr 4 Min

Genre:  Melodic Techno, Melodic House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Ksabe - Losted (Original Mix)

Falaska Contest - Miss You (Twilight) ft. Ivana Lola (Get Far Extended Mix)

Kilany M - Resistance (Original Mix)

Monarc - Mistique Eclipse (Agustin Buaon Remix)

MAAND, Rob Delaney - Another Day feat. Rob Delany (Original Mix)

Q-Green - Arab Night (Original Mix)

Tumzz - Emotions (Original Mix(
Sjoerd Feyen, Sven Fox, Naiani - Someone Special  feat. Naiani (Nicko////Remix)

Lesley Mason - Chicago Streets (Ed Saez Remix)

Organic Space - Ethno Woman (Original Mix)

Senses of Mind - Different Self (Original Mix)

The Open Door v47.0 Set List

First Aired: 9/24/21

Duration: 58 Min

Genre:  Electro House. Big Room, Main Stage

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Chris Burke - Catalyst (Original Mix)

Dowell - Right Now (Original Mix)

Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah X Knife Party - Drinking From the Bottle (DJ Triple J Lrad Edit)

Yolan Paris - I Got You (Extended Mix)

Enur vs New Northerns vs DMNDS, Fallen Roses & Lujavo ft Nito Onna - Calabria Games (Hayat Mashup)

Stonebank - Keep Up the Pace (Clean Extended)

Zafra ft Raven vs Keryn - Sufriendo Por Ella (Cesar Castilla Bootleg Edit)

Vinny Venom - Be by Your Side (GI Extended Mix)

Swedish House Mafia vs BBE - Lifetime vs Seven Days and One Week (Djs from Mars Bootleg- Extended)

Yhoshi - Moonlight (Clean Extended)

Afrojack & David Guetta - Hero (Clean Extended)

DJ Fuel & Ibazz - Ethereal (Extended Mix)

Effiel 65 X Vic Messie - Blue Django (Mashup)

Dua Lipa vs Olympus, Mike Emilio & Helion vs ManyFew - Love Again (DJ Beatzilla & Bossa Nova “Candy Shop Edit) (Dirty Extended)

Vluarr - ANTA (Clean Extended)

Navos & HARLEE -You and I (Clean Exteded)

Goyte ft Kimbra vs Curbi - Somebody That I Used to Know (Ceasar Castilla Bootleg - Clean Extended)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 120 Set List

First Aired: 9/8/21

Duration: 58 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance

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DT8 Project - Forever (Extended Mix)

Farius & Sue McLaren - Love is Love (Extended Mix)

Gosselt - Searching For Your Love (Original Mix)
Julian Gray, 28mm & Forts - Air (Extended Mix)

Tritonal ft.. Cristina Soto - Everafter (Cubicore Extended Remix)

Patrik Humann & Sarah De Warren - Love Again (Beatsole Extended Remix)

Christina Novelli & Chris Burke - Don’t Wanna Go Home (Extended Mix)

Kamibekami - Music Without Borders (Original Mix)

Dennis Seclane ft. Yvi Szoncso - Ibiza (DJ L1v3r Remix)

Axis & Bertie Scott - Lose This Feeling (Extended Mix)

Gaia X - Age Silence (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 119 Set List

First Aired: 8/18/21

Duration: 1 HR 2 Min

Genre:  Melodic Techno, Deep Techno, Techno

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Following Light, Jaydee Electronica - Contemplation (Methodub Remix)
Subset - Lacidus (Jay Phonic ReInterpretation)
Olmedo - Voyager (Original Mix)
Ambient Pino - Melodic Techno (Afro House Mix)
LeftHandSoundSystem - Lop (Original Mix)
Black Jack - We Will Always Love You (Original Mix)
CORVA - Saul (Original Mix)
Tom DM - Go Further (Original Mix)
Dave Belford - Property (Original Mix)
Sam Key - Foals (Raw Vip Mix)
Red Funke - Alarming Darkness (Original Mix)

The Open Door v46.0 - Flight55 Extended Set

First Aired: 8/17/21

Duration: 1 Hr 611Min

Genre:  Progressive House, House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Was Algethi, Ivan Berkowitz - Escape (Original Mix)
IIya Gerus - Egoist (Stranger Tourists Remix)
Henrrish V - Aurora (Extended Vocal Mix)
Deep Inside (UA) - Fading Freedom (Alex M.I.F. Remix)
Alex Leavon, Wesand - Ultraviolet (Extended Mix)
Dmitry Kostyuchenko - Airglow (Extended Mix)
Easy Tyger - Can’t Stay Here (Original Mix)
Kaiden - Sunrise (Original Mix)
Phraktal - Forbidden (Tim French Remix)
RafleSTone - Through the Stars (Progressive Mix)

The Open Door v45.0 - Lady in Red Set List

First Aired: 7/25/21

Duration: 1 Hr 6 Min

Genre:  Deep House, House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Soulcool - Flash (Original Mix)

Hraach - Promises (Original Mix)

Wynnwood & Lumynesynth - Coming to Light (Clean Extended)

Desib-L - In the Clouds (Original Mix)

Who Made Who - Heads Above (NekiFF Remix)

Big Bunny - Ibiza Morning (Original Mix)

Danny Slim - You Make Me (Original Mix)

Martin Rhey - Me & You (Original Mix)

Grecy (NYC) - Tripping (Feat. XTN_Tom Spark Remix)

Tom Evans, Friendless, XIRA - Lay Low (Tom Evans Remix)

LAR - Flawed (Clean Extended)

Choujaa - Keep Me (Club Mix)

Bajau - Me or You (Extended)    

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 118 Set List

First Aired: 7/21/21

Duration: 58 Min

Genre:  Big Room, Electro House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download


Hateberry & Omnimum - Space Rover (Extended Mix)

Vinny Venom - My Pussy - Cat (GL Extended Mix)

DJ Schluetex - Party People (Remix)

Zakariae X Emanuele Marini - Wanna Be (Original Mix)

Noonexy - Hall of Dance (Original Mix)

Elcamooze - Tronic Disco (Exended Mix)

Jay Z & Kanye West vs Mike Williams & Swacq - Future in Paris (Hayat & Mukonda Mashup)

Cascada - Because The Night (Rogier Dulac Remix)

Katoff - Antisocial Distance (Original Mix)

Matias Vena - Shockwave (Original Mix)

RadioClub vs Cheyene Giles - River (Cesar Castilla “Jump Around” Bootleg_Clean Extended)

Scissor Sisters - Only The Horses (Peter Rauhofer Big Room Dub Remix)

Andre Schulter - Gnarrenburg Dahldorf Geestdorf (Original Mix)

Meduza, Goodboys & Becky Hill - Lose Control (Cesar Castilla Bootleg Summer Edit_Clean Extended)

Jacob Andrew ft Tony Styles - Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

Linkin Park - Crawling (FLYNNINHO FUKK UP Remix_Clean Extended)

Z3us & Winter Kid - Leave (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 117 Set List

First Aired: 6/17/21

Duration: 57 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Emmy - Evolution 69 (DJ Elven Remix)

And E & Mac Lane vs Andy Prinz - Leave It In Your Hands (Andy Prinz vs Donald Willborn Remix)

Darude & Ashley Wallbridge ft Foux - Surrender (Alex Sonata & Therio vs Donad Willborn Remix)

DJ Fuel & Ibazz - Ehtereal (Original Mix)

East & Atlas & Katrine Stenbekk - Hereos (Extended Mix)

Farius - Quiet Hope (Extended Mix)
Leonard A - Ander (Extended Mix)

Stan V & Larsson Be - We Know (Extended Mix)

Steve Brian & Trove - Lie to Yourself (Karanda Extended Remix)

Zack Evans - Age of Clarity (Extended Mix)

Armin van Buuren - Communication (Gaia - X Remix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 116 Set List

First Aired: 5/5/21

Duration: 1 Hour 4 Min

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Synthetic Fantasy - Fight It Back (Original Mix)

Gaia X - Perseverance (Extended Mix)

Abstract Vision, Hydro Poison - Sedative (Extended Mix)

Eddie Bitz - Circles (Original Mix)

KeyWork - Makalu (Original Mix)

KeywWork, Nando Del Sol - Kenza (Seawayz Remix)

AG10 - Confused (Extended Mix)

Arggic, Farhad Zohdabady - Hope (Extended Mix)

Bigtopo - Back & Forth (Extended Mix)

Annedi - Yakawa (Original Mix)

Poll Morris - Nightwalker (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 115 Set List

First Aired: 4/21/21

Duration: 1 Hour 

Genre:  Progressive House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Eli David - Tambo (Original Mix) 

Focus - Vortech (Original Mix)

Avoure - Pangea (Extended Mix)
Opera Omnia - Mermaid (Original Mix)

Azbin & J Peak - Survival (Extended Mix)

Colin Rouge & DJ Stretch - Guru (Extended Mix)

Don Jakobsen - Mind Over (Extended Mix)

Matt Fax - Wonder (Extended Mix)

David Hohme & Dustin Nantais - Bare (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Extended Remix)

Deszza & Dan Soleil - My Breath (Extended Mix)

Hidden Face ft. Zac Mann - Where You Wanna Go (Original Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 114 Set List

First Aired: 4/14/21

Duration: 58 Minutes 

Genre:  EDM, Big Room, Electro House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Pxnejaxx - All In My Head (Original Mix)
Ice House - Big Stage (Original Mix)
Hateberry & Chan - Manali (Extended Mix)
Barlettz - Timeless (Extended Mix)
Vinny Venom - Against the World (GL Extended Mix)
Deekey & Marcadi - What I Need (Serge Armin & Bad Disco Remix)
Maff Boothroyd - Make It Through (Clean Extended)
Rihanna ft Calvin Harris - We Found Love (B3LLA Electro House Remix)
Emmett Zetto - Alien (Original Mix)
Borgeous - Celebration (Loutaa Bounce Bootleg-Extended)
Umek - Predator (Steinar M Edit)
Hot Shit - Ride On Baby (Raving in Secret Remix)
Inichi - Relax (Original Mix)
Vicetone ft. Jordan Powers & Bekah Novi - Animal (Clean Extended)
Zight & Sonna Rele - Fly Away (Extended Mix)
Marco V & Thomas Newson - Jaguar (Etended)
Post Malone ft. DaBaby - Enemies (BPM Supreme Electro House Remix)

The Open Door v44.0 Mix Set List  - Walter Station Set

First Aired: 3/31/21

Duration: 1 Hour 35 Minutes 

Genre: House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Todd Terry - Something Going On (Hani Remix)

Roderic H ft. Liana Zeigo - Meid Ootab Pariis (Extended Mix)

Dave Angelo - Sublimation (House Dub Mix)

Greco (NYC) ft. XTN - Trippin (Original Mix)

Greg N Grandi - Mind Made Up (Extended Mix)

Wallstreet - If It Feels Good (Original Mix)

Ant Larock - Tired Of Your Shit (Original Mix)

Defunct! - Death to Disco (Original Mix)

Juan Cuardros - I Want You Girl (Extended Mix)

Marco Fernandez - Work My Body (Original Mix)

Tofu Haus - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Vinyl Disciples - BLVD (Mishall Alireza Cappuccino Remix)

Akeru - Music Box 

Gorgon City & Drama - You’ve Done Enough x Push It (Real Good)

San Sebastian - WTF (Original Mix)

Morsy - Check Da Beat (Original Mix)

Jay Anthony ft. Ari Tahan - Just Call (Remix)

New Order - Blue Monday (Paul Morrell Remix)

Stereotypes - My Drug (Original Mix)

Matt Sawyer - Good Morning (Original Mix)

Blacklight - Joy Have It (Original Mix)

ATB - 9 PM (Massivedrum Remix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 113 Set List

First Aired: 3/11/21

Duration: 1 Hour 

Genre:  Disco, Nu Disco, Disco House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Timbhai - Still Standing (Original Mix)

Domscott & Col Lawton - Dirty Shakedown (Original Mix) 

Yukset ft. Confidence Man - Gorgeous (Might Mouse Remix)

Igor Pumphonia - Terminator (Original Mix)

Ryoker ft. Nino Lucarelli - Close to Me (San Shine Extended Mix)

DJ Tintin - Summer of 85 (Original Mix)

Head Jackers ft. J Soul - Boogie (Extended Mix)

Renee - Lamour (Original Mix)

Scotty Boy & Lizzzie Curious - Loneliness (No Hopes & Pushkarev Remix)

Paul Parsons - Magician (Club Mix) 

The Bestseller, Grove Park - Feel So Good

James Rod, Pato Watson - Disco Nu (Tony Disco Remix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 112 Set List

First Aired: 2/10/21

Duration: 1 Hour 3 Minutes 

Genre:  Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Koyah & Deakin Xd - All I Wanted (Extended Mix)

Steve Brian & Brandon Mignacca - Nepal (Dan Stone Extended Remix)

Aly & Fila With Jes - I Won’t Let You Fall (Extended Mix)

Steve Brian & Eric Lumiere - Somebody (Extended Mix)

Glf - Fresh (Original Mix) 

Tritonal - Dylan Matthew & Au5 - Happy Where We Are (Ilan Bluestone Extended Remix)

Hablift ft. Ruffault - Lifted Beats (Donald WIlborn Emotive Edit)

Gaia X - Lost Oceans (Extended Mix)

Inspired Souls - I Found Love (Ruffault Memory Remix)

Coke Montilla - Resurgence (Original Mix)

Heavens Cry & Julie Thompson - Waterfall (Southmind Club Edit)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 111 Set List

First Aired: 1/27/21

Duration: 1 Hour 

Genre:  Deep House, House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Igor Pumphonia - Against All Odds (Original Mix)

Kenny Mcsween - Redrum 187 (Original Mix)

DJ Vartan & Techcrasher - Listen the Sun (Extended Mix)

DJ Combo, Sander 7, Tony T, & DJ Nicolas - What U Need (Extended Mix)

Ecroderon - Love (Original Mix)

Remi Blaze & Oktavio Pd - Deep Pass (Original Mix)

Thierry Von Der Warth & Denis Kalytovskyi - Outta Control (Extended Mix)

Cylink & Alex Holmes - Under Your Spell (Original Mix)

The Map Project - Dance Monkey (Remix)

DJ Joe Simpson - Feel Me At Night (Extended Mix)

Flero X Michael Barone - Queen (Original Mix)

Beyonce - Crazy In Love (Level Up & K Kyota Remix)

Breakfast Club - Terrigenesis (Original Mix)

DJ Marlon - Heaven (Extended Mix)

Victor Garde - Waterfall (Original Mix)

Aero - Castle of Glass (Extended Mix)

The Open Door "Morebass" Episode 110 Set List

First Aired: 1/13/21

Duration: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

Genre:  Melodic Techno, Melodic House, Techno, House

Click Here to Stream  or Click Here to Download

Ambient Pino - Melodic Techno (Afro House Mix)

B.bone - Sunrise (Original Mix)

The Reactivate - Techno Alarm (Club Mix)

Bentley Black - This One (Techno Mix)

Markin Grinch - Time Minimal Techno (Original Mix)

Leo Da Silva - Banger (Techno Dub Mix)

Christina Marakov Music - Melodic Octave (Festival Beats EDM Techno)

Destroboy - Melodic Rave (Original Mix)

Danny Darko - Butterfly (2020 Melodic Techno Mix)

Hesham Watany - Melodic Future (Original)

Limo Isadro - Amaron (Melodic Dub Mix)

Nils A - Phoenix (Original Mix)

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