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//  Originally from:  Southern California
//  Currently Resides in:  Arizona
//  Genres:  Electronic, Dance
//  Years Active:  2010- Present
//  Label/Publishing:  Annielynn Music
//  Website:
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Short Bio

Producer, Radio Show Host,  DJ of Electronic and Electronic Dance Music


Akeru an American Electronic Producer broke into the dance music scene in 2011 as a co-writer for the track "Won't Forget" featured in the movie "Freelancers" staring 50cent and Robert De Niro. In 2014 Akeru launched his Dj Set/Radio Series "The Open Door" introducing his listening audience to many unknown and well known producers and DJ’s across many sub genre of the  Electronic Dance music industry. In 2014 Akeru released several singles leading to his EP release "Requiem & Solace" in 2015. In the Fall of 2016 Akeru release his full length LP "Elemental". His latest single "Serenity" was release in late 2017. Before turning his musical interests to electronic music, Akeru began at a young age playing a wide variety of musical instruments. His first venture into live performance began in a Rock, Electronic Hip Hop group as its DJ which then led him to begin producing electronic music since 2010.


Entering Year 4 of his globally syndicated "The Open Door" show series, the show will be expanding in 2018 with a new interview series with indie and up and coming producers/DJ's. His regular mix set shows will continue to blend a variety of all sub genre of Electronic and Electronic Dance Music.

DJ Pool

DJ's can pick up copies of my tracks below:


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You can also direct message me through my contact page if you're interested in adding my songs to your setlist.





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