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Requiem & Solace (EP)

All Songs Written & Produced by Akeru & Ei8ht

Released on 04/15/2015

Digital Download of this EP can be purchased here directly from the website or available  these online retail 

The story behind the music of Requiem and Solace


Requiem-  Normally recognized as a music composition for those who have passed away. We learn to let go what was deeply emotionally important in our lives. We get to a point where we recognize the beauty and savor living in that moment. What makes us human is wanting to hold on to that moment, the memory, and that feeling forever. The mourning comes when we realize we have to let go once and for all. Music is an outlet to show the appreciation, the significance, and the preservation of that memory.


Solace- The feeling of peace after loss. It's what alleviates the anxiety while experiencing moments of emptiness. Music provides that comfort.  It's the antidote and the protective bubble so your soul can heal. Music has the power to ease the restless mind.


Music is the common thread that bonds mankind, the universal language that does not require words to be understood. It's the one true language that brings people together, old, young, black or white. Melodies move us, represent us, explain who we are. It's woven into our souls. The beauty of music is that it can lead to many different interpretations and hold different importance for each of us.


For me, these tracks represent a part of a journey. A snapshot of life's experience I've tried to explain to myself, tried to make sense of, but at the end, the acceptance of the outcome.

What will happen next, I really don't know. It's why we live, why we continue the journey and the experience life puts before us. Music is an emotional outlet, I've noted what each tracks means to me. For you the melodies will mean something different. Its your journey that will make it your own.


Listen and Enjoy, Akeru 04.15.2015



It is human to wish we can make right the error of our ways. We only wish to have the opportunity to correct what went wrong. We learn to accept the outcome if we never get that chance to make amends.



Life will always challenge our mental resolve. With each chink to our armor, we come back stronger, more resilient and prepared to bounce back better then where we had left off.



The intensity of madness leads us to destroy the things we love. If we hold on to ideas or feelings too tightly or for too long we crumble from within. What once gave us euphoria is shattered with our bare hands. What's left is a splintered mess, pieces left spewed leaving empty void spaces and questions unanswered.



Life brings us souls that deeply make an impact in unexplainable ways. Reflection brings us humility to have been graced by such angelic spirits. Even though we may want to hold on to them forever, we learn to set them free.


The Journey

Life is guided by our experience. We only learn more about ourselves through the retrospective lenses of happiness and pain.



Moving on doesn't mean you forget. With the dawn of each new day, the love will always be there.The pain fades into the distance. The end doesn't mean a loss, it signifies the beginning of a rebirth.



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