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Akeru- A Japanese word with multiple meanings such as: to open, to unwrap, to unlock, to grow light, and to end. These are words that sum up many reasons why I want to share my music and make music with the purpose of giving it a soul and a life of its own.

About- Akeru an American Electronic Producer broke into the dance music scene in 2011 as a co-writer for the track “Won’t Forget” featured in the movie “Freelancers” staring 50cent and Robert Deniro. In 2014 Akeru launched his Dj Set/Radio Series “The Open Door” introducing his listening audience to many unknown and well known producers and DJ’s across many sub genre of the Electronic Dance music industry. In 2014 Akeru released several singles leading to his EP release “Requiem & Solace” in 2015. In the Fall of 2016 Akeru release his full length LP “Elemental”. Before turning his musical interests to electronic music, Akeru began at a young age playing a wide variety of musical instruments. His first venture into live performance began in a Rock, Electronic Hip Hop group as its DJ which then led him to begin producing electronic music in 2010.

A little bit about me: At a young age music has been with me as long as I remember. The foundation of my musical palette is an exhausting wide range. My appreciation for all types of music, growing up hearing the music of Motown, the music of the British Invasion, to my childhood of Electronic and New Wave music. As a musician, writer, artist, and producer I find myself melting a wide range of elements from rock, hip hop, dance and electronica. I don’t like to stick to a specific style or be pigeoned into a sound. What Akeru means to me from an artistry standpoint is to open the light and your ears to new sounds. New ways to listen and enjoy music that can’t be define. As the music industry goes through it’s next evolution so too will be the music I write, the things that inspire me to sit with a keyboard, guitar, or even a bucket. Inspirations come from all sorts of unsuspected places. I hope that taking a listen you will be inspire in whatever shape or form.