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The Open Door


Akeru's The Open Door Presents is an Entertainment Media and Content Provider featuring DJ's, Producers, and Performing Electronic and Dance acts from across the globe. 

Every Thursday we have partnered with The X Stream network and XStreamradio to bring you the hottest sets from local Dj's and DJ's throughout the globe. We start the evening showcasing local Arizona (AZ) Producers and DJ Talents then transitioning over the evening with our global DJ's. Each week we bring you a wide variety of Dance Music genre spanning from House, Tech House, Bass House, Techno, Progressive, Electro and many more!

The Open Door Presents on XStreamradio: http://www.xstreamradio.net 

This fall brought the launch Akeru's The Open Door Presents "Live" from various venues in the Arizona working with local crews to bring you the best of the best local DJ talents live to your living room! We have recently partnered with local production team, Mad World Productions and social music and event platform Morebass to bring a new series called "Roots" and many more, showcasing talented up and coming local producers and Dj's in the Phoenix metropolitan area. These live streams will brought to you by The Open Door Presents and The X Stream Network. 

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Akeru's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZ2SPPrVzRjM60WeUw1Liw/live

Akeru's Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/theopendoor

Our Past Events Down Below

Mad World Productions
Morebass Socal Music and Event Platform
The X Stream Social Network

Arizona Locals Series











Sean C's Musik is the Drug

Shows aired on Akeru's The Open Door Presents on XStream Radio's EDM Thursdays: https://thexstream.net/xstreamradionet/album/381/sean-c-musik-is-the-drug/

About Sean C: Sean C is an Arizona legend bringing House, Techno, Tech-House and Drum n Bass Vibes. As head of many collectives in Arizona such as Mad World Productions, Elements Collective, and Soulset.

Genres: House, Techno, Tech-House, Drum and Bass

Location: Phoenix , AZ USA


Sean.C, a Tech-House|Techno|House DJ who started his artistic career mixing House music on vinyl in 1999, igniting his love for dance music ever since. While living 3 years in Germany, due to military obligations, his style of House, Tech-House, and Techno was heavily influenced by many local techno and tech-house artist. From 2015 - 2017, Sean.C been influential in the Arizona underground desert scene by bringing back House, Tech-House and Techno with those ground pounding Basslines and groovy hypnotic vocals and sounds. He has opened at the Gypsy Bar for DJ Irene (2016) for Relentless Beats and also at the Monarch Theatre for Miss Kittin (2017) for DVINA Entertainment in Phoenix, AZ. Currently, Sean.C is a Resident DJ | Manager for the DJ Collective “Elements”. Sean.C is also co-owner of the promotion company, Mad World Productions LLC, with DJ Glower as his business partner heading local underground and club events in Arizona. He also host a weekly show, “Musik is the Drug”, on the More BassⓇ music platform and rebroadcast on XStreamradio.net, showcasing local Arizona underground DJs.


Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Erick Morillo, Green Velvet, Sven Vath, Monika Kruse, Ricardo Villalobos, Pascal FEOS, Gayle San, Miss Kittin, The Hacker, Anthony Rother, John Selway, Alter Ego, DJ Rush, Aphrodite, AK1200, and Richie Hawtin









Seshling SeshCast

Shows aired on Akeru's The Open Door Presents on XStream Radio's EDM Thursdays: https://thexstream.net/xstreamradionet/album/418/seshling-seshcast/


About Seshling: Seshling is a collaborative identity between DWREK, Tyler Kahn, and Danny Ø.

A concept collective forged out of a passion for music; dedicated to creating experiences that embrace the connection between fans and creators. Featuring every week a different guest from the pool of talented local DJ talents in the Phoenix Valley area. Along with 

Dwerk Bio: 

The faceless founder of Seshling. A nomadic producer and DJ who’s allegiance lies only to house, techno, and the people that give it meaning. He thrives at night, serving heavy beats to a hungry audience.

Tyler Kahn Bio:

Dropping singles and ready to mingle, Tyler Kahn is opening doors to a unique side of electronic music that the people are yearning for. His raw yet refined style is the result of many sleepless nights in the studio, manipulating sounds few would consider “musical”.

Danny Ø Bio:

A recent transplant from Seattle, Danny Ø curators a deep atmospheric sound that embodies his passion for the underground. His sets include a blend of progressive, melodic techno and tech house that catch his listeners in an endless trance





WASH - Bath Time

Bio: W.A.S.H. (an acronym for We Are Sh** Heads) is a DJ duo comprised of two unlikely ducklings known as Duckie and Puddles, hailing from Phoenix, AZ, USA.

The sounds of W.A.S.H. span a wide array of EDM sub-genres, from Twerk to Trap to Moombahton and back. The lyrical subject matter is party-driven, touching on topics like sex, drugs, alcohol and booty, and sung by a variety of up and coming artists like Luna Aura & Harper & the Moths.


W.A.S.H.’s live show is a fast-paced rollercoaster of dance floor madness. Their eyes shine blood red from their demented duck masks as they throw down. Their sets consist solely of their originals and remixes.

BATH TIME... is their new mix series where they feature their new remixes and flips! All of which are available for free download from here or mashed together

... it’s Bath Time, Ducklings!

International DJ's in our rotation

Joshua Suarez - Mexico

DJ Cedeno - Venezuela

DJ Hanady - Japan

DJ Mashable - France

Elynn Kha - France

Dj Elektrunk - France

ACES - Switzerland

MisterHK - France

DJ Jap Boy - Japan

Seshling Seshcast Ghoulie